About 100 years had gone by from their creation and the humans of Arenith until now had been a loose group of towns within the forests. A movement came about called the Great Migration and the people of Arenith moved to the plains. There agriculture and metal tools came about and the first government soon arose known as the kingdom of Demacia. The ruling family called the Jarvan line ruled the plains for another 200 years. Soon though a second kingdom rose out of the forest known as Ionia. The people of Ionia were incredibly gifted with the art of Mana and created the first magical language known as Glyphic. The ruling family, the Icarus line had become jealous of the Kingdom of Demacia’s prosperity over time. And soon sparked the fires of a 50 year war when the last heir of the Jarvan line was killed in cold blood, known as the Pride of Mankind. Many people fled from both Kingdoms to the mountains, oceans, and other lands of Arenith to only evolve into the other races of Arenith over time. Aion angry with the human’s greed and jealousy created the most powerful of the magical races. The dragons, which she then turned onto the two kingdoms of Ionia and that of The Kingdom of Man. The kingdoms were brought to their knees by dragon fire and the magical language of glyphic was lost. The dragons then were released from the god Aion’s control to live in solitary peace. The survivors of the Great Cataclysm began to build settlements that were far flung from each other and rise to power once more.