Summerset was founded many years before, though it's early history and their origins haven't been found. But about 100 years ago they began to keep track of their history. The first signs of conflict ever to appear in Summerset's history was between two religions, the Solari who worshiped the Sun and the Lunara who worshiped the Moon and Stars. The god Stormwind liked each religion equally and cared for those he worshipped, so he bestowed both with one champion to settle the dispute. Leona the Guardian of the Light and Dianna the Protector of the moon. The two fought on fair grounds, and they soon learned their powers were equal. But a young page by the name of Jarvan, poisoned Dianna, before the battle. And as the fight went on Dianna was struck dead, Jarvan rose through the ranks of the Solari and seized power becoming the man known as Jarvan today. But a champion's spirit never truly dies and it is rumored she may have already come down to this world to wreak vengeance on the Solari.