Name Solarus
Age Billions
Deity Yes
Height Two-story building
Weight N/A

Solarus is the deity of light, the Sun, fire, and lava. He is owned by Falconpunch98. Solarus rarely appears unless the Highlords of the Paladin Order request him, but if he does, he looks like a massive Fire elemental, plated in armor. He was one of the original Gods, but came back for an unspecified reason. He made a personal realm for himself, called the Firelands.

History  Edit

Not much is known about him, except that he watches the Paladin Order, especially the Highlords. He once resurrected one after he sacrificed his life to save a young girl. He observes their throne next to the King of the Dwarves.

Early history  Edit

He was first sighted when one of the original Highlords saw him in a mirror. He later denounced him, saying he must be seeing things. He suddenly combusted, and appeared to the two other Highlords in the dead one's armor. They said to worship to him, and he'll grant them inhuman strength and the power of the Light to them and the Paladins.