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Kayle the Archangel of Vengeance:

The Archangels:

were an order created by Staterra to provide a steady watch over the major aspects of Arenith. Kayle was the protecter of Vengeance and Justice on Arenith. When Staterra fell so too did the Archangels, which fell to the earth like comets. Still retaining some of their lost power the archangels are still immortal though can only be killed in battle. An archangel on a battlefield is a unholy sight to see. Ripping through whole battalions with pure angelic strength.

Kayle's Backstory.
Once a mortal she lived in a kingdom far away and far forgotten. Kayle lived most her life with her father during the many wars that were had with the dark elves at the time. She grew up under his influence and he taught her what honor and courage really meant. When Kayle finally reached the age to be drafted she joined before any of her family could say no. She was placed in a battalion under the guide and care of Darius Bloodweaver.

The battalion fought in many battles and as the years went on many of the friendly faces from the first battalion disappeared, to be replaced with cold hard veterans. But one face never left, Darius was always the guiding light however dark the storm and Kayle felt admiration for the man. She strove to be a leader as he was.Then one day the battalion was caught in an ambush heading through the lush forests of the north. Dark elves smashed into them with incredible speed and dexterity that even Darius was seen to have difficulty with. The remaining soldiers closed in around Darius, surrounded on all sides by throngs dark elves. Kayle turned around from the fighting to see Darius's eyes still filled with hope, a dark elven sword caught her in the stomach and she keeled over feeling real fear for the first time. Cries of pain and anguish filled her ears as men fell on her flank. She rolled to the side gouging the dark elves stomach. And suddenly she felt a chilling sensation as she started to push through the dark elves. As men fell behind her she pressed onwards into the throng. When she finally woke from this state the forest was a deathly quiet. Corpses human and dark elf alike lay around her. She searched frantically until she came upon the champion. Darius lay his hand on his chest blood gushing out. She knelt down and grabbed at his armor yelling at him to get up, tears filling her eyes. Darius simply slid his finger over her cheek chuckling to himself. He then whispered one word. Wait. And she did as he asked sitting by his corpse for five days until when she was about to leave she saw his revival. Astonished she couldn't believe it was true. But on the journey back Darius explained to her all that had happened to him.

When finally they arrived back at their home city they found only burned corpses and silent streets. They moved on after that, groping for any kind of meaning as if they were blind men in the dark. Kayle finally wanted children to carry on her name. But even when they bedded together Kayle realized the wound that had pierced her stomach had stopped any hope of her giving birth. And so she prayed to the only god she knew, Staterra. And so he granted her a boy and a girl, whos names were Garen and Leona. But these children shared Darius's curse and the price for the children meant her service to Staterra. And so she served him as Archangel of Vengeance, to avenge those who are wronged.