Jarvan the second (as described in Darius Bloodweaver ) grew up with Darius under his father Jarvan the first. A rightly air to the throne he felt the only way to the peoples hearts was to the death of their enemies. And with this he began on his trials of the Flame Legion. Until the fall of the Legion on the night of the blood moon. After this disaster the humans had nothing left to protect themselves against the pillaging and path of destruction the orcs now bore in their wake. The outermost towns and villages were destroyed, but as the orcs continued their path Jarvan sought vigorously for a power that would stop these invaders. Until one day he found an Archmage by the name of Icarus. This man was no ordinary wizard as archmages are masters of all elements of magic. Sadly by the time he found him it was too late. The orcs now headed straight for Kreon the heart of the kingdom. Jarvan and Icarus rushed back with the remaining flame legion that was left. Thankfully they made it a day ahead of the orc armies and with the archmages plan formed a plan to save the inhabitants of the city. But the archmage would need time to complete the plan so it was decided that the Flame Legion would have to sacrifice themselves for the rest of the men, women, and children to flee the city. So the legion marched out until they came to a ravine where the orcs had to pass through to get to the city. They camped in the ravine for barely a day until the dreaded orc horns sounded. An army of orcs 1,000s strong marched down the ravine to the now crippled legion of 126. Jarvan rallied his men and they charged into the opposing orc forces. It was held in legend that Jarvan's battle cry was so intimidating an entire battalion of frontline orcs paused for a moment giving the front line of the Legion an opportunity to slaughter the front line. The rest of the battle did not go so momentously as the massive numbers of the orc army soon crushed the already dwindling legion. Meanwhile at Kreon the Icarus's creation of the portal was completed and the city began evacuation. Jarvans wife Johanna was one of the first to leave the city for the new world preserving his royal line. Even after 3/4ths Jarvan and his Legion were decimated the 1/4 still fought as valiantly as they could until Jarvan was killed by the orc chieftain Thrall. With the death of their king and leader the battered ranks now fell and swarmed with orcs intent on killing every last man. With no retreat most simply committed suicide by their own sword. But by the time the orcs finally reached the city the humans had escaped and the portal closed behind them.