Darius lived a life of war on Arenith, serving as the commander for the great human legion of the flame. In his early life he served as a page for the king Jarvan the first. Jarvan's son Jarvan the second grew up with Darius as they mastered the art of war. Darius rose up the ranks with Jarvan until they were co-commanders of the legion. Though through their many battles fought Darius began to become obsessed with bloodshed. His strength and skill rose high above his loyal companion, until as fate had it Darius choked on more blood then he could swallow. The night of the Blood moon. The Legion had camped outside of the orc fortress for the night in preparation of the siege and the end of the vile orcs. But when the blood moon rose the orcs became animals, that sought only the blood of men. The legion was rudely awakened by the now transformed orcish army bearing down onto the men. The legion fought valiantly, but were no match for the orc's brutal bloodlust and battalions after battalions of men fell. Until there was only one battalion left. Jarvan called his men to retreat, but Darius would not back down. He was too obsessed with bloodlust he could see no other way but to fight and charged into the orc with his mighty axe in hand. Jarvan left him there. He saw nothing he could do, but retreat for surely to try to save him would mean doom to the remaining. When the blood-moon set and the sun rose Darius lay on a hill of corpses. Grievous wounds raked his whole body, but Darius felt num. Then wolf rose from the bodies to take him into the jaws of death. Darius would not fall to this fate though, so when the wolf approached he swung his axe with all the strength he could. And with that he finally died, but the lamb saw this man's urge to survive was so great she named him champion on the spot. She revived wolf of course, but only for him to find the man who had killed him was his champion now. With death's blessing Darius now roamed the earth to be reborn eternally till he find an opponent worthy of his skill, which would replace him.

-The Time of the Ancients

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