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Personality Edit

When he was young, He was energetic and hyper, Because he didn't care about the war's, Safety, And all those. Although, When he was growing up, He is starting to lose that old self, Getting more defensive and worry about other's.

Apperance Edit

Because he is a elf, He had most of the basic thing's elves have, Although he was also partially human, So he got those basic thing's also.

Childhood Edit

When Aylthos was a child, He was moved to a city of human's, and forced to live there. He met someone named "Luna", where he convinced her to go on fun, But dangerous stunt's around the city.

Role Edit

Alythos WAS The champion of xiluhr, Until dying from daemons (Since anubis is evil)


Aion resurrected him.

And stuff.